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We carry a full line of Army and Navy Surplus, Anything from ammo cans, to Backpacks, Pins, Patches, Metals and much much more!

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When you order your guns through us you'll have experience on your side. We will put our years of experience to use if you need advise on what gun to purchase for your specific needs.
Hand Guns - Military Surplus in Ocala, FL

Low prices on all of your supplies

  • Gun safes
  • BDU's
  • Military boots
  • Police boots
  • EMT boots
  • Backpacks
  • Tactical gear
  • Police equipment
  • Knives
  • Military flags
  • Ammo cans
  • Pens
  • Patches
  • Medals
  • Sleeping bags
  • Duffel bags
  • Hats
  • Army cots
  • Canteens
  • Machetes
  • Parachute chords
  • MRE's
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Military shovels
  • Compasses
  • Ribbons
  • Tents
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